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The photo is needed because that is a legit after taste face that I’m pulling.


so last night after tennis my kid & I popped to the beautiful Fairway supermarket in Pelham because we both love it and it makes us happy.

I’ve seen this spread/sauces on fatman2fitman’s blog before and thought it looked disgusting, I think he shared my opinion, HOWEVER me and tori decided to buy it and see what it tasted like ourselves.

Okay, unless you want to burn your taste bud’s off your tongue, you just don’t buy this.

It’s terrible, I can’t taste any ‘chocolate’ or ‘peanut’ taste, it tastes like cancer, and when I say cancer I mean it tastes like the sweetest fake sugar you can buy x100. it’s disgusting. So disgusting infact that it leaves a bitter after taste in your mouth & makes you do a very attractive retching face like mine above.

Let;s look at the ingredients in this shitstorm of a spread.

Purified water, vegetable fiber, defatted cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavour, caramel colour, natural roasted peanut flavour, natural peanut extract, sea salt, corn starch, xanthan gum, lactic acid, sodium benzoate, sucralose, vanilla flavour, fd & C yellow #6

Yeah i’ve never heard of half those ingredients, so actually disgusting.

The worst part of it is that they have an ENTIRE LINE OF STUFF

peanut butter, chocolate syrup, marshmallow fluff.. all with no calories, no carbs, no fat, no nothing apart from a headache which I’m sure I have from eating that.

You know what, it’s SO BAD that you have to taste it again just to see if it really was that bad, because your brain just can’t believe you would put that shit in your mouth. it’s like, noo it can’t be that bad, OH WAIT, YES IT IS.

even dog shit would taste better than this ‘chocolate peanut spread’

The advertise on the back how switching from peanut butter to this product can make you lose up to 35lbs in a year.

I’d rather than peanut butter everyday and an extra 35lbs thank you very much.



  1. ketoketoketo said: I tried their peanut butter once and it was horrible. Like chemical flavored baby food. I’ve heard everything they make is pretty bad
  2. beedleebee said: This is the best review I’ve ever read in my life ever.
  3. emerlyslimmingdowwwn said: your face. i love it.
  4. call-me-ducky said: People swear by it on Medifast. I’m so glad I’m like “fuck that, I’m using actual chocolate syrup.”
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