Getting Skinny in America

Here's to looking good naked!
A former Aupair living in America, turned Benebabe living in the South West of England, trying to get in the best shape of my life!

Keto & Weight Watchers

Highest Weight: 23st
SW(in USA): 20st10lbs/ CW: 14st12.2lbs/ GW: 11st
Total Loss: 8st1.8lbs (113.8lbs)
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omg me too. like i threw a temper tantrum on the phone with my boy because he wanted to go home for an hour before coming to see me because all i wanted was a hug and i’m apparently 4 years old lol
oh those treadmills have no idea what’s about to be unleashed on them tomorrow. i just wish i had a punching bag in my room… that thing… oh man. it would be a pile of dust on the floor :P

I wish I could of gone to the gym tonight to be honest, I’m def going tomorrow morning for at least 2 hours.. I’m not leaving there until I’m satisfied!