Getting Skinny in America

Here's to looking good naked!
A former Aupair living in America, turned Benebabe living in the South West of England, trying to get in the best shape of my life!

Keto & Weight Watchers

Highest Weight: 23st
SW(in USA): 20st10lbs/ CW: 14st12.2lbs/ GW: 11st
Total Loss: 8st1.8lbs (113.8lbs)
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Progress photos.

Because yesterday I spent like 2 hours on photoshop trying to merge these 3 photos together, and I had just completely forgotten how to do it, even though I spent a good 3 years doing a degree where 90% of my work was done on a computer.. yeah, good job Kirsty. Oh & I just realised you could upload photos on tumblr as a ‘photoset’ yeah, only been using this website for like 3 years. Again, good job Kirsty.


Photo 1 - 320lbs

Photo 2 - 290lbs

Photo 3 - 251lbs

Total loss - 69lbs

I also like to change my hair colour quite often, but always come back to blonde.

I did this by following Weight Watchers & working out (Zumba, yoga, cardio, free weights)

I’m not perfect, I slip up more often than I care to admit but that’s also what makes me human.

I still have another 100lbs to go, and a LOT of toning.

Some days I’m proud of my achievements.. other days I feel no different, but seeing photos like this make me realise that I’ve come a long way.

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